Contemporary Angles: Interior Design by Kolme

A home interior design featuring a transparent glass wall01

Interior design group Kolme creates sleek yet warm arrangements for businesses and homes. The company tailors its designs to both the spaces and existing aesthetics of a given company, creating designs that are highly distinct, but that share a common thread of contemporary angles and attention to detail. 

An interior wall design for a Tesco grocery storeCommercial interior


It’s interesting to be able to see all of the different projects the design collective has worked on -- the portfolio contains a variety of interior views, for everything from grocery stores to private homes. In some, like the aforementioned grocery stores, the focus is on colour, creating a bright and energetic atmosphere for a wide variety of customers and products. In homes and private office spaces, the emphasis is on creating a calm, livable, and functional space. 

A screen capture of the Kolme design art websiteThe front page of the Kolme design website

I like the way that Kolme blends hard geometric angles with more organic shapes -- the focus is on the former, and most of their designs tend toward minimalism, but there’s never a sense that comfort is being sacrificed.

A view of an interior with a prominent house plant63

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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