The Mixed Media Abstraction Portfolio of Edward Welch

An abstract drawing with overlapping coloured lines and shapesUntitled

Artist Edward Welch lives and works in upstate New York, where he produces abstract artworks in a variety of media. The artist uses traditional drawing media such as pastel, ink, and marker, building up saturated images that celebrate the application of line on paper. 

A drawing made in neon ink on paperUntitled


It’s easy to draw comparisons between Edward’s work and that of Bridget Riley or even Richard Pousette-Dart. The artist’s compositions are rich with pigment, often in colours that bear little relationship to landscapes or still life and instead seem plucked directly from dreams or vivid moments of imagination. Intense planes of colour are condensed into shapes, captured with rough geometric lines that invoke a sense of movement and constant shifting, rather than a stable pattern. 

The front page of Edward Welch's art


In some works, Edward embraces more organic, curved lines and shapes, and it’s interesting to see how a slight change in structure or overall palette can completely alter the energy in a work -- kicking it up, or toning it down.

A drawing made of planes of different coloured inkUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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