The Art Portfolio of Painter Noah Verrier

A painting of a slice of cantaloupe on top of a mason jarCantaloupe & Jar of Water


Painter Noah Verrier has been creating art since childhood, taking a contemplative, meditative approach to much of his work. The artist has worked on large series spanning numerous pieces, but his painting style also shines in quietly masterful still-life and other works made from observation. 

A painting of a bowl of blackberriesBlackberries


In Noah’s gallery of recent works, the artist shows off paintings of food and other common materials. The everyday subject matter and simple compositions invoke an instant sense of connection in the viewer. Noah does a wonderful job of capturing the shine of glass or freshly-spread jam. His brush strokes emulate the play of light on different angles of the material, achieving both realistic detail and a slightly loose, painterly aesthetic. 

The front page of Noah Verrier's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Noah's art website

Some of these works reminds me of the sumptuous food paintings of Joel Penkman or even Michelle Marcotte, in their pure, unbiased appreciation for the simple texture of a cantaloupe, or a pile of warm fried rice in a Chinese takeout container.

A painting of a chinese takeout box of fried riceFried Rice

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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