Organic Randomness: The Art of Steven Graubart

A mixed media artwork with organic, abstracted shapesUntitled, acrylic and ink on paper

Steven Graubart produces abstract images in a variety of media, blending an eye for pattern with a sense of organic randomness in each piece. The artist’s portfolio covers a wide range of media and colour but maintains a sense of consistency in form. 

A painting made of layers of colour in earth tonesUntitled, acrylic


The artist’s works take the form of multicoloured abstractions, with organic shapes and lines joined together in layers and overlapping constructions. In some works, pure colour and texture covers the entire substrate, with different hues blending together and changing gradually. Steven often uses a thick, heavy application of paint, creating an extra dimension of tactility in his works. Occasionally, there’s the appearance of different media in different sections of the same canvas, so it’s as if one is viewing the same composition through different lenses, across different quadrants of the artwork as a whole. 

A screen capture of Steven Graubart's art portfolio


The curved, natural feel of the artist’s lines and shapes create shapes and, once in a while, suggestions of figures that wink out of existence just as quickly as they’re spotted.

A painting made with layers of thick acrylicUntitled, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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