The Contemporary Sculpture Portfolio of Magali Hébert-Huot

A sculptural artwork with pieces of cut wood painted white and neonUntitled (L'Hiver est long), hyrdocal and wax

Magali Hébert-Huot lives and works in both Baltimore and Québec City. In her current artistic practice, Magali creates works of contemporary sculpture using unexpected materials and neon hues. 

An artwork made to look like a bundle of neon sticksUntitled (Swinging Bundle Yellow), expanding foam, rope, 3-D printed hardware


Some of the artist’s most recent sculptural installations consist of numerous small pieces placed at semi-regular intervals along the floor and walls of a space. The placement of these smaller sculptures creates a sort of path along which the viewer can travel, experiencing each new work in relation to the previous. 

The front page of Magali Hebert-Huot's art


Technically, Magali’s works seem focused on texture and form, expressing an inward-gazing appreciation for materiality rather than making any outside reference. This is not to say that the artist doesn’t occasionally veer into the figurative -- some works that use recognizable figures are reminiscent of sculptures by Christina A. West. The artist’s use of colour is always striking, and feels very strategic.

A sculptural artwork with a particleboard shieldUntitled (Taxidermie Wall Hooks), OSB, wood, wax, flocking, dowels

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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