A Portfolio of Colourful Stained Glass by Jewelweed Studio

A photo of a rainbow stained glass artworkUntitled

Jewelweed Studio creates bright and colourful stained glass artworks. Studio partners Allan Joyce and Gary Medley combine their skills and sense of aesthetics to produce unique glass artworks for a variety of businesses and private clients. 

A stained-glass artwork depicting rainbow fansRainbow Fans


I love the amount of colour packed into each stained glass work by Jewelweed. The artists incorporate colour with a sense of abandon, turning each piece into a kaleidoscopic experience without losing sight of composition or pattern. Composition-wise, Jewelweed’s pieces tend to stick to relatively simple and impactful geometric shapes, lending the glass pieces a striking appearance that makes them the centrepiece of any room they’re placed in. 

The front page of the Jewelweed studio art websitewww.jewelweedstudio.com


Occasionally, the artistic duo does tone down the colour, creating works more focused on texture and form. It’s clear in these pieces that the artists’ sense of balance and rhythm helps mediate their wild use of colour throughout their practice.

A pair of stained-glass windows with floral shapesUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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