Thought-Provoking Art Installations by Forensic Architecture

A coloured map showing loss of vegetation due to herbicidal warfare in GazaAn NDVI analysis showing losses of vegetation between 5 days and 15 days after herbicidal spraying in Gaza

Forensic Architecture, a group based out of the University of London, is a multidisciplinary art collective and research organization that gathers data about issues concerning human rights and governmental abuses of power, spinning that data into thought-provoking art installations

A video still of a documentary film about the murder of a human rights lawyerThe Killing of Tahir Elçi (video still)

The organization, which includes architects, filmmakers, researchers, and software developers, often uses cutting edge investigative technology to seek out and consolidate information about a given topic. Forensic Architecture occasionally produces work based on its own research goals, but many of its pieces are researched at the request of a certain organization or individual. 


The team’s works -- investigations, as they are categorized on the Forensic Architecture website -- cover a wide range of pressing topics including police and military violence, border disputes, and environmental abuses. The resulting visual elements are derived through an equally diverse array of methodologies.

Video footage of the Grenfell Tower Fire projected onto a 3D map of the towerVideo footage of the Grenfell Tower fire placed over a wire-frame model of the tower

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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