The Egg Tempera Portfolio of Arnout Van Albada

A painting of a raspberry cakeFrambozentaartje, egg tempera and oil on panel

Arnout Van Albada is a Dutch artist who works primarily in egg tempera, creating subdued but detailed paintings of food. The artist’s works present their subjects with a sense of quiet reverence, focusing on the unique textures and colours of various edible and household objects. 

A painting of a pudding on a tableRegout puddingvorm, egg tempera and oil on panel


Van Albada’s delicate paintings of pastries, such as cakes and gelatin molds, remind me of the work of Joel Penkman. There’s a clear focus here on the central figure, though Van Albada doesn’t quite so far as to present the objects in a vacuum. The background of each work is fully rendered, though often deliberately simple and monochromatic, for example, a simple white tablecloth in front of a flat grey wall. These imagined spaces project a sense that toes the line between isolation and meditative peace, encouraging the viewer to examine every fine detail of the figure. 


The artist’s style is near photorealistic, though there’s still a slight edge of painterly appreciation for the subject matter that reminds me of the way Noah Verrier renders his foods and mason jars in lush brush strokes.

A painting of a side of bacon hangingGerookt spek, egg tempera and oil on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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