Colour and Movement: Painting by Catron Wallace

A painting made up of textured blue huesSymphonies In My Head, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Catron Wallace is a Tennessee-based artist who paints primarily in acrylic and mixed media, producing large abstract paintings that focus on colour and movement. When she’s not at work in her studio, Catron runs workshops and classes to help other artists develop their skill sets. 

A painting with warm red hues and a circular figureIndian Summer, acrylic and mixed media on canvas


I really enjoy the textured appearance of Catron’s paintings. The artist’s gallery of available work features numerous paintings that appear to be built up out of layers of loosely applied pigment and medium. There’s evidence of the artist’s hand, and it gives the impression that significant labour went into the production of each of the pieces. Many of the works are finished with deliberately random splashes of pigment, which help form lines and anchors for the viewer’s eye. 

A screen capture of Catron Wallace's art portfolio


Colour-wise, Catron seems to favour cool, blue-green hues, though many of her works also incorporate pops of red, orange, and other warmer earth tones. There’s a clear sense of colour balance in the works, with each hue commanding an equal amount of attention.

A painting with rounded figures and textured blue paintHope For The Future, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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