The Mixed Media Art Portfolio of David Maxim

A wall-hanging artwork with two canvas panels in different sizesicebergs, oil and hinge on canvas

David Maxim is a mixed media artist currently living and working in San Francisco, California. Over the course of a decades-spanning practice, David has produced works that are equal parts painting and sculpture, fusing an eye for detail with a bombastic approach to pigment and composition. 

A multi-panel artwork combining monochrome painting with a painting of cloudsMoment #44, oil, acrylic, and hinge on canvas


I really enjoy David’s recent Moments series. Like Jude Hotchkiss, in this series, David is focused on expressing the impact of extreme weather through visual means. The artworks themselves combine figurative painting with monochromatic abstraction across arrangements of three or four small canvases. The viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to a square of realistic cloud, then relaxes across larger canvases doused in deep, often moody earth tones. The resulting aesthetic seems almost like a warning, or a reminder of the dire conditions of the atmosphere. 

A screen capture of David Maxim's art portfolio websiteThe front page of David's portfolio website

David recently participated in a group exhibition, with artworks responding to sacred texts. I love the impact of the art that David presents in this series -- there’s a reverent heaviness to these works that demands deeper contemplation from the viewer.

An artwork with a central draped figureVeronica (from the Miracles)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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