The Art Portfolio of Woodworker and Sculptor Derek Bencomo

A wood sculpture made using dynamic abstract shapesTwist and Shout, Hawaiian Milo wood

Derek Bencomo is a woodworker and sculptor based in Maui, Hawaii. In his practice, the artist takes the natural textures and forms of wood, emphasizing these qualities to create smooth, flowing shapes in rich, warm hues. 

A series of sculptures with tall vertical linesFamily

Derek’s works comprise both functional objects and pure sculpture, with many pieces taking on both roles. Sometimes the way the artist follows the natural grain of the wood creates curvature in a three-dimensional shape, carving out spaces for vessels and pieces of furniture, like the works of Andelko Olvieric. Derek’s purely sculptural works are sometimes in a close vein to those of Larry Scaturro, though there are certain formal tropes that are unique and significant to Derek’s portfolio. 

A screen capture of Derek Bencomo's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Derek's art website


I really enjoy how Derek approaches his pieces, sometimes using a single piece of wood and other times combining multiple varieties of wood to emphasize contrasts in colour and texture in a single art piece.

A sculpture with a bowl shape made from natural woodSweet Harmony, V, Norfolk Island pine

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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