A Stained Glass Mosaic Art Portfolio by Suzanne Coverett Earls

A mosaic portrait of a young boyFresh Faces Forward #1, glass on glass

Suzanne Coverett Earls is a mosaic artist and painter. In her practice, Suzanne creates images both abstract and figurative, often drawing inspiration from nature, animals, and the unique properties of the stained glass mosaic medium. 

A stained glass mosaic of a black catSally, layered glass mosaic


I’m really impressed by the amount of detail that Suzanne is able to pack into her mosaic artworks. The artist is adept at using stained glass fragments in slightly different tints of a similar colour to create the illusion of depth and volume, rendering animal fur, faces, and plants with a great sense of texture and life. I also enjoy the way Suzanne incorporates glass pieces of different sizes, sometimes using larger planes of glass to represent background elements, lending a sense of dynamism to her images. 

A screen capture of Suzanne Coverett Earls' art portfolio websiteSuzanne's portfolio website, piecefularts.ca


In paintings, Suzanne gives an equal amount of attention to the relationships between colours and textures. Her painting style even seems, at times, to emulate the fluid strokes of colour in stained glass pieces.

A painting of a lake in the dead of winterLake Erie at -30, fluid acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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