The Art Portfolio of Catherine Howard

A painting of a farmhouse at sunsetEvening Stroll, acrylic on stretched canvas

Catherine Howard is a Canadian painter who favours acrylic pigment for producing her paintings of the Canadian landscape. Catherine’s paintings encompass a range of subjects including wildlife, domesticity, and sweeping, epic outdoor scenes. 

A painting of a duck sitting on a floating logDuck "Lacha", acrylic on cradled board


I like the slightly soft quality of Catherine’s painting style -- the artist does a beautiful job of painting small details, textures like tree bark and animal hair, lending an almost sketch-like aesthetic to many of the artworks. The artist’s chosen colour palette tends to be subdued, lending all the more impact to moments where she does apply heavily saturated hues -- to capture an intense sunset, for example. 

The front page of Catherine Howard's art portfolio


I enjoy the atmosphere that Catherine creates with her body of work. Though the scenes are widely varied in composition and subject matter, the artist takes a careful, almost meditative approach to producing scenes that celebrate an almost idyllic landscape -- minimally populated, lush and green.

A painting of a lighthouse at nightBeacon of Hope, acrylic on cradled board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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