The Art Portfolio of Glass Artist Dan Cummings

A work of art made with thick layers of coloured glass547


Dan Cummings is an artist who produces delicately beautiful pieces in glass by sculpting, sand-blasting, staining, etching, and otherwise leaving his own mark on the material. The artist’s portfolio is packed with examples of everything from smooth realism to abstract mosaics. 

A piece of glass art with translucent neon colours109


I really like the way that Dan experiments with the glass medium. Many of his works seem to sit between disciplines, combining techniques of sculpture, drawing, and glass work to create aesthetics that are original while drawing from familiar sources. In some recent works, Dan uses a combination of stained glass and sculpting to create thick, layered transparent sheets with planes of colour suspended delicately inside them as though floating in water. 

A screen capture of Dan Cummings' glass art


Layering sheets of glass is a technique that appears throughout Dan’s portfolio, to great effect. In another work, the artist builds a multi-dimensional abstract image using thick sheets of transparent glass, each infused with a different colour to produce a different look depending on what angle the piece is viewed from.

A wall-hanging mural made in mosaic glass568

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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