Altered States of Mind: Art by Mizu

A painting of snakes against a surreal backgroundDrastic Magic Tactic

Mizu is an artist based in Denver, Colorado, who uses his artwork to explore psychedelic settings and altered states of mind. The artist often applies a practiced technique of airbrush painting to everything from paper and canvas to the sides of vans. 

An airbrush painting of a strange landscapeDeep Mind Trip

I really like the mix of diversity and cohesion in Mizu’s current art portfolio. While the artist’s works show off a sense of experimentation and play, there seems to be certain motifs that Mizu circles back to throughout his oeuvre. Geometric designs -- interlocking squares and rectangles, colourful right angles that cross over one another in jagged patterns -- appear frequently in the artist’s portfolio. Occasionally, crystalline forms add an extra dimension to soft, airy dreamscapes and outer space imagery. 

The front page of Mizu's art portfolio


I especially like how Mizu applies these geometric forms to his body painting practice -- there’s an interesting tension that arises from placing stark right angles on the naturally curved and organic shapes of the human body.

A custom painted Mercedes car1977 Mercedes

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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