Inside the Art Studio of Amanda Martinez

A photo of Amanda Martinez in her studio


This week on studio Sunday, let’s look at the work space of Amanda Martinez. Martinez is based in Queens, New York, where she produces works of abstract sculpture that borrow from the visual language of props and set designs. 


Martinez’ studio looks a little cozy in this photo. This could conceivably be a small corner of a larger shared space, or a nook within a warehouse setting. The artist uses a variety of materials, many of which are represented in this photograph. Foam sheeting is propped in layers against the wall, perhaps waiting to be cut into pieces as wall-hanging artworks. 


The trolley in front of the artist holds a selection of materials -- power tools, drills, and an industrial vacuum lend to the sense that this is not quite a traditional painting or sculpting studio. There’s a not-unpleasant sense of chaos even in this small space, and I get the sense that Martinez might be working on an entire series of works at once, building several pieces that fit together into a cohesive whole. 


The artist received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2010 and has since exhibited her work in solo and group shows around the United States. Martinez’ approach to sculpture is intuitive, with the artist often starting from simply a drawing or an idea, building the work as she goes and allowing the sculptural materials to “speak for themselves” in a way.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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