Reverence and Nostalgia: Art by Linda Finn

A print showing water texture and a pair of stonesMemory of Water #10

Linda Finn is an Ontario-based artist and painter. The artist’s prolific art practice spans printmaking, acrylic painting, bookmaking, and sculptural assemblage, with a sense of reverence and nostalgia for the Ontario landscape running through the works as a common theme. 

An acrylic painting of a swimmerSwimmer #4


I really enjoy Linda’s printmaking works -- in her series Memory of Water she takes a quiet, abstracted approach to water imagery, combining hazy, fragmented photographs of bodies under placid waves with imagery of stones smoothed by years of water erosion. The images are meditative, but speak to something deeper, expressing the idea of water as a connection between multiple universes. 

A screen capture of Linda Finn's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Linda's art portfolio website


In her paintings, Linda takes a more colourful, playful approach. The theme of water is still present here in beautifully gestural paintings of swimmers. The artist does a great job of capturing the light refraction and dappling effects of sunlight on water, and the appearance of the human form beneath the waves.

An assemblage artwork made up of bones, shells, and stones arranged in a trayMuseum of the Colour White, found objects, etchings in vintage type tray

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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