Geometric Compositions: The Photography Portfolio of Lisa Kane

A photo of a city hall roof reflected in a puddleSyracuse city hall

Lisa Kane is a photographer based in the eastern United States. In her art practice, Lisa captures everyday life in New York State, New England, and the surrounding area, with a focus on architecture and geometric compositions

A photo of a building reflected in a still body of wateraloft


I really enjoy the way that Lisa photographs cities -- her images are usually devoid of human life, though they never feel impersonal. Something about the artist’s focus on less-seen landmarks and buildings in areas where tourists might never wander lends character to the lens through which the viewer gets to see these settings. Reflections on water are a common motif in the artist’s Syracuse, New York series, and these photographs offer the viewer a glimpse into a kind of alternate reality, or at least a new way of seeing a familiar landscape. 

A screen capture of Lisa Kane's art portfolio


In her Colour and Black and White galleries, Lisa takes a more abstracted approach to photographer, framing objects in close-up or obscuring their contexts just enough to isolate the subjects and remove them from any inferred or expected visual language.

A photo of a wilted flower in black and whitemilkweek sculpture

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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