Art Instruction and Teaching by Green Palette

A painting of blue flowersby Ann Patton

Green Palette is an art instructional academy based in northwestern Calgary, Alberta. Instructors at Green Palette offer students a unique opportunity to pursue their own personal artistic goals and ideas, in a space where support from peers and skilled instructors is readily available.

A painting of colourful fishby Brent Ciccone


I really appreciate the overall mission of Green Palette -- more than teaching students the precise technical skill set for producing a certain type of artwork, the school aims to give would-be and budding artists a dedicated space and time to practice their craft, away from the distractions of everyday life. 

A screen capture of the Green Palette Arts


The works in Green Palette’s 10th Annual Student Art Show gallery exemplify the breadth of variety in how students approach their artistic practices. The show gallery features everything from classical figures to seascapes to abstracted and stylized artworks. Not only are these works a testament to the skill of Green Palette’s students, but each one seems to express the artist’s love for their chosen medium, style, and subject matter.

A painting of waves crashing on a beachby Robyn Pelletier

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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