Aesthetic Beauty and Inherent Value: The Art of Hunter Madsen

A photo of a carnival ride called AbductionUse Me

Hunter Madsen is an artist currently based near Vancouver, British Columbia. In his current practice, Hunter uses photography to dissect connections between aesthetic beauty and inherent value, capturing images of unexpected subjects that might be forgotten or overlooked in the broader canon of photography.

A photo of a wooden sculpture of a figure shot through with arrowsOn Suffering (Old Wounds Fresh Daily)


It’s through this exploration of aesthetically non-traditional subject matter that Hunter’s skill for composition really shines. Whether the artist is photographing a pristine landscape or disused industrial equipment, there’s always a clear sense of care and thought put into the way the subject of the photo is portrayed. Though they may contain numerous different objects and figures, each image feels like a thoughtful portrait, showcasing its subject in, if not a reverent light, at least an honest one. 

The front page of Hunter Madsen's art portfolio


In his portfolio, Hunter tends to pair images with snippets of poetry, drawing another parallel between his photographs and traditional signifiers of beauty, or grace. The poetics help ground the images in that exploration, and guide the viewer into a more thoughtful look at the artist’s vision.

A photograph of an ice floeFloe 5 (Carnalian)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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