Energy in All Its Forms: Art by Hooshang Khorasani

A painting of a bouquet of flowers in a blue vaseBouquet in a Blue Vase, acrylic on canvas

Hooshang Khorasani is a primarily Louisiana-based artist who works in acrylic and mixed media, producing artworks that express energy in all its forms. The artist’s subjects range from abstraction, to floral, to equines, to landscape.

A painting of a running horseRoan Runner, acrylic on canvas


I love the way that Hooshang employs lighting in his pieces, using gesturally applied strokes of colour to build up volume, shadow, and highlight in a way that can suggest a bright spotlight, or an all-over glow. It’s also interesting to see how Hooshang uses that gestural style of mark-making to lend a sense of movement where it suits the painting. Curved, regularly interspersed brush strokes create a kind of all around vibration in the artist’s equine paintings, while a gentle downward pull of blended pigment in certain floral paintings is more akin to the movement of light across a room. 

The front oage of Hooshang Khorasani's art portfolio

The artist’s abstract pieces serve as a great companion to his overall practice; series of square canvases coated in deep, rich planes of colour seem to suggest trial runs or blending tests for later figurative artworks, and are beautiful in their own right.

A series of paintings using deep autumn colours in abstract compositionsFall Composition, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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