Colours and Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Kathie Selinger

A mixed media artwork depicting green and purple cabbagesCabbage, mixed media on paper

Kathie Selinger is an artist currently based in Chilliwack, BC. In her practice, Kathie is inspired by the colours and landscapes of her travels abroad, as well as local subject matter The artist’s unique style is informed partly by Kathie’s previous work in printmaking media. 

A painting of bright flowers in a vaseFrom a Friend's Garden, acrylic

I really like the texture of Kathie’s artworks -- the artist tends toward a bold colour palette of deep blues and greens, and saturated reds and oranges, and builds up texture with visible brush marks and a gestural painting style. The influence of printmaking is especially clear in some of the artist’s series, like her abstracts. Viewed as a series of thumbnails, the images seem to represent a progression from a realistic depiction of stones in a creek, to a wildly abstract, almost Kandinsky-inspired tableau. 

A screen capture of Kathie Selinger's art portfolio


While the artist’s portfolio features a varied assortment of different subjects, it is interesting to look at those series where Kathie focuses on a single subject, painting it several times from slightly different angles or in slightly different colours. There’s a beautiful sense of experimentation and discovery present in these works.

A mixed media artwork depicting birch trees in front of a streamBirch Trees & Stream, mixed media on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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