Marketing, Advertising, and Branding by Nathalie Gribinski

A design for a leaflet for a tea shopEasthill | Tea Shop | Hands-out

Nathalie Gribinski is an artist and graphic designer based in Chicago. In her graphic design practice the artist works with a range of clients, producing both digital and print media for marketing, advertising, and branding

A branding design for a musical duoFirm Roots | Duo Pianist Lara Driscoll and Chris White

As we saw in our previous feature of Nathalie’s informative layouts, the artist is skilled at adapting her personal style and expertise to suit the needs of clients. Nathalie’s Advertising portfolio is an interesting blend of text-heavy informational designs and minimalist, image-focused posters or banners. It’s interesting, looking through the artist’s portfolio, to see what kinds of aesthetics tend to work for what kinds of products, or which aesthetics tend to be expected in certain fields.

The front page of Nathalie Gribinski's art portfolio


Nathalie also maintains a personal fine art practice, and it’s great to see how the artist’s other creative pursuits inform her professional practice. Bold colours, clean lines, and curved, organic forms suggest text and image, creating a visual language that’s readily translated into an easily-consumed form.

A layered, collaged illustration designed for a hotelHotel Sofitel | Hospitality Industry | Poster

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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