The Portfolio of Oil Painter Patty Yehle

A painting of a white cloud against a blue backgroundFirst Cloud

Patty Yehle is an oil painter currently based in Boston. The artist’s works straddle the line between straightforward realism and surreal, symbolic painting, often combining elements of both to great effect. 

A painting of a yellow magnolias on a blue sky backgroundRose's Yellow Magnolias 1


In some ways, the works Patty’s portfolio remind me of pieces by Kevin Sloan or Armando Sebastian. The artist’s use of lattice patterns recalls the painted-porcelain textures in some of Kevin’s prints, while the use of a variety of specific objects and settings calls to the mind the dense symbolism of Sebastian’s painting style. These surreal motifs are integrated into paintings that have a confident, gestural style about them -- Patty’s work takes advantage of the nature of the oil medium, allowing some brush marks to remain clearly visible, while minimizing and blending others where it suits the image. 

A screen capture of Patty Yehle's art portfolio


Patty’s original paintings are also available as limited edition giclee prints through the artist’s website.

A painting of a brown birdMarsh Wren, Plum Island, oil on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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