Geometric Forms and Equations: Art by Amarie Bergman

An art installation consisting of a wood board with a hole to a view of a geometric panel001-no.1 (detail), found painted board

Amarie Bergman is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, and now lives and works in Bunbury, Australia. The artist favours a distilled, minimalist, abstract style of working that draws on many different media and addresses the geometric forms and equations that are intrinsic in all spaces. 

An art installation consisting of white fibre pieces and a wood dowelCosmic Bodies no. 1, Tasmanian oak (1.9cm diameter rod), paper, wire, synthetic fabric, metal attachments, micro-wire (photo by Melanie de Ruyter)


I really enjoy the aesthetics of Amarie’s portfolio overall. The artist continually returns to the simple motif of a circle or sphere, and in doing so proves just how many potentially iterations, meanings, and uses such a simple mark can have. Many of the artist’s works, like the recent installation Laredo (a collaboration with Paul MacGillivary), address the interaction between deliberately placed objects and existing spaces, commenting simultaneously on the nature of the art gallery space, and on the nature of man-made articles in general. 

A screen capture of Amarie Bergman's art portfolio


The artist’s colour palette also tends toward the subdued -- occasional pale pinks and yellows punctuate a practice that is largely in bold, high-contrast black and white, occasionally capitalizing on the natural lighting of a space to alter or continue their visual narrative.

An art installation consisting of a black dot obscuring part of a windowBlack Dot, silk velvet, plastic, tin + perfume (Hugo Boss: Hugo Iced) (photo by Jun Sato, courtesy of DELNAU and Abstract Project)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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