Avian, Botanical, and Equine Subjects: The Art of Debbie Hart

A painting of a blue grapes on a vineOld Vine Zin

Debbie Hart is an artist originally from southern Wisconsin. The artist’s practice has been informed by the natural landscape of the midwestern United States, as well as her background and training in scientific illustration. Debbie’s art portfolio showcases the artist’s skill with all manner of avian, botanical, and equine subjects

A painting of a jumping horseBuckskin gallop


I really appreciate the attention to detail that Debbie devotes in each of her artworks. Whether it’s a close-up portrait of a gleaming black stallion, or a delicate watercolour of grapes hanging from a vine, the artist captures the colour, shape, and volume of each part of her subjects with a trained expertise. 

A screen capture of Debbie Hart's artist websitewww.debrahhartgallery.com


As we saw in our previous feature of Debbie’s work with natural and equestrian subjects, the artist has a clear love of horses that translates into beautifully rendered portraits and paintings of these animals in graceful action. Debbie’s work with horses extends into wearable art pieces, with prints of the artist’s equestrian paintings available on t-shirts, tote bags, and other household items.

A painting of a jumping horse printed on a t-shirtThe Jumper Women's T

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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