Explorations of Physical Space: The Art of Rachel K. Bury

A paper collage artwork with abstract shapesUntitled (#4), paper collage

Rachel K. Bury is an American artist currently based in Austin, Texas. The artist’s portfolio centers on explorations of physical space, and two-dimensional images transformed into three-dimensional objects. 

A paper collage with strange, abstracted figuresUntitled (#8), paper collage


It’s interesting to see examples of artworks in both two and three dimensions in Rachel’s portfolio. The artist has perfected an interesting method of working, building up two-dimensional images in a kind of collage style and then rolling them into tubes, collecting these rolled images into rows that suggest walls or textured paintings in their own right, while masking several other complex, self-contained images, like parallel universes existing within a single art piece. 

The front page of Rachel K. Bury's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Rachel's art portfolio website


The artist’s portfolio also showcases Rachel’s work in two dimensions, in the form of abstracted collage-style artworks. I like the combination here of clean lines and figures with a dark, almost sombre colour palette. Bits of architecture, machinery and the occasional human figure take on a sci-fi aesthetic.

A paper collage with the illusion of spaceUntitled (#2), paper collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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