Painting, Illustration, and Sculpture by Carolina Seth

A painting of a female figure with a flower in her mouthBloom, acrylic on wood panel

Carolina Seth is an artist working in painting, illustration, and sculpture. The artist’s style capitalizes on illustrative techniques, often with a focus on feminine and mythological figures and cool colours. 

A surreal painting of a catNekoland, acrylic on wood panel


A lot of Carolina’s work reminds me of the likes of Megan Majewski, Rebecca Chaperon, or even Clementine de Chabaneix. The artist’s portfolio is a nice balance between serious and playful; in her painting gallery Carolina balances her tone between reverence for the symbolic and the spiritual, and a fascination with candy colours and smooth textures. I like the way that Carolina treats her figures -- there’s always a seed of realism in facial features and softly blended backgrounds, but the artist adheres to a constructed, stylized vision of her painted subjects. 

The front page of Carolina Seth's art portfolio


The artist also delves into sculpture, creating small ceramic figures both as wearable pendants and as household decorations. Where in figurative paintings the artist’s work takes a slightly serious tone, these figures seem like small, aesthetically-driven diversions.

A mixed media portrait depicting evil spirits in a person's hairSpirited, mixed media (acrylic and ink) on watercolour paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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