Aesthetic Possibilities: The Art of Linda Cohen

A sculpture of a gnome made from reclaimed fabricUntitled

Linda Cohen is an artist of many talents, working in a wide variety of media and taking advantage of the unique aesthetic possibilities of each. Throughout her practice, Linda explore texture, colour, figurative work, and abstraction, through a lens of joyful experimentation. 

A sculptural wall-hanging artwork of an artist's paletteArt

Recently, Linda has created a series of gnomes -- sculpted from repurposed clothing and other found materials, these figures have a welcoming appearance and look like they’d be at home on a decorative shelf or as a child’s stuffed toy. I like the way the artist achieves a collectible sort of variety with these works, creating a series where each figure is an interesting variation on a theme. 

A screen capture of Linda Cohen's art portfolio


Elsewhere in her portfolio, Linda works with more traditional art media such as fluid acrylics. The artist’s pieces with fluid acrylics are gorgeous, combining streams of rich pigment with a smooth texture that reminds me of work by pour artist Holton Rower, or Luis Pagan. I especially enjoy the artist’s use of these otherworldly colour schemes in scenes from outer space. 

An acrylic pour painting of planets in spaceUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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