Stained Glass and Mosaic Art by Karen Spears

A concrete sculpture of a starfish covered in stained glassStarfish Bowl, concrete sculpture, painted and finished with stained glass

Karen Spears is a painter, sculptor, and glass artist The artist combines the aesthetics of stained glass and mosaic art techniques, often blending these techniques with painting or sculpture to create fascinatingly textured and coloured objects. 

A hanging stained glass artwork depicting a butterfly and flowersMonarch & Sunflowers, stained glass with copper wire hanger


Karen’s stained glass mosaic hangings are a wonderful and almost equal blend of mosaic and stained glass. In these works, shards of coloured glass are fixed together in a panel shape, with the colours forming a unique image. The numerous small but dynamically shaped shards makes these works appear to twist and curve in the light, and the coloured transparency of the glass allows natural light to shine through, enhancing the images. 

The front page of Karen Spears' glass art


The artist’s stained glass mosaics feel incredibly light and airy, situating them in contrast to the artist’s concrete sculptures, which utilize the same stained glass mosaic aesthetic to wholly different effect. These sculptures feel solid, sturdy, more like stone than the air or water that the panels seem to emulate.

A stained glass artwork with an image of birch treesWinter Birches, stained glass with copper wire hanger

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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