The Painting Portfolio of Laura Spring

A painting with pale negative space and a green hueGone with the Fog, acrylic

Laura Spring is an abstract painter who works primarily in acrylic, occasionally incorporating mixed media to build up texture and colour. The artist’s works are firmly situated in a contemporary moment, and explore extremes of pigment-minimal, textural painting as well as saturated monochromatic works. 

An abstract painting with cool tones of blue and whiteMoving Through the Winter II, oil


I really enjoy the way the artist groups her paintings by hue and colour saturation. Laura’s Neutral gallery is populated with works that evoke a cool, quiet atmosphere, and could serve as calming accents or centrepieces in a variety of spaces. The emphasis here is on negative space; it’s built up through the use of cross-hatched brush marks and textural gradients that develop into central planes of white and pale blue.  

A screen capture of Laura Spring's painting


In her Vibrant gallery, Laura puts the emphasis on saturated colour, occasionally blending it with semi-figurative or pattern elements like the wave forms in Don’t break a spell. Other works in the gallery seem to put forth an appreciation for the simple but satisfying act of applying thick layers of a single, saturated colour to canvas.

A painting with bright blue hues and wave formsDon't break a spell

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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