A Portfolio of Choreography, Dance, and Performance by Brice Noeser

A photo of a dancer performing on a stage

Alphabête (photo by Llamaryon)


Brice Noeser is a Quebec-based contemporary dancer who uses the body as his artistic medium, producing works of art and choreography that endeavor to build a new language for dance. The artist’s body of work includes choreography, dance, and performance, with Brice often blending all three. 

A photo of two artists performing a live workRuminant Ruminant 


The artist’s chosen medium is naturally collaborative, and as such many of the productions Brice has been involved in have been team efforts. A recent project by the artist, Direction assistée, explores the minute choreographies dictated by, and present within, everyday verbal communication. In this upcoming project, Brice is working with a team of six, including four dancers and two playwrights. 

A screen capture of Brice Noeser's art portfolio websitewww.bricenoeser.com


I like the way that Brice’s choreography and performance blends incredible skill and attention to detail with sometimes absurd, often humorous movements and scenarios. This balance between seriousness and wit creates an inviting audience space and, in turn, allows for a more genuine experience.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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