Fleeting Moments: A Painting Portfolio by Harry Stooshinoff

A painting of a spring rainLittle Shower, October 15, acrylic and collage on archival paper

Harry Stooshinoff is a North Ontario-based artist who documents the landscape in a multitude of simple, gestural paintings, capturing fleeting moments and transient states of being. Harry’s landscape works are a breath of fresh air, one that feels very contemporary while owing something to the ideals of early impressionism. 

A painting of a snowy field under a grey skySecret Field, Dec 18, acrylic and pencil on archival matteboard gessoed on both sides

I really appreciate the way Harry works. The artist is highly prolific, and seems to know just when to stop working on a painting and move onto the next one. The images never seem overworked -- rather, Harry gives the viewer just enough information to interpret the details of the landscape in a personal, intimate way. As we discussed in our previous feature of Harry’s work, the artist uses calculated, well-placed marks to form a repeating visual language, a kind of code of brush strokes that the viewer quickly picks up on and that enriches the viewing experience. 

A screen capture of Harry Stooshinoff's art portfolio websitewww.harrystooshinoff.com


Harry’s drawings and collages sit neatly alongside his many paintings, and it’s always interesting to see how an artist with such a defined style can switch between different media.

A painting of dusk in a wintry landscapeChristmas Dusk, acrylic on gessoed archival paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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