Movement, Texture, and Life: The Art of Guy Grogan

A mixed media artwork with stripes of colourPaper Tiger #1, mixed media on paper

Guy Grogan is an artist originally from England and now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his practice, Guy embraces paint, mixed media, drawing, and sculpture, all with a gestural approach that seeks to capture a sense of movement, texture, and life.

A drawing study of a woman's faceStudy of Fellow Student, charcoal on newsprint


Guy’s recent works in mixed media on paper are abstract, and utilize a blend of hard geometry and looser lines and textures. The colour palette in this series is unified and not unlike the colour palette throughout the rest of Guy’s portfolio -- deep, earthy tones of orange and brown abound, often bookended with strips of teal and other cool colours, or shades of mottled grey. The works are reminiscent, colour-wise, of worn pebbles in a stream, or of layers of earth and soil.

A screen capture of Guy Grogan's art portfolio

The artist’s drawings are much more pared down and gestural, but it’s interesting to see them alongside the more polished abstract works, as a representation of the visual technique and thought process that Guy uses.

A mixed media artwork with layered stripes of colourPaper Tiger #3, mixed media on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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