A Portfolio of Ceramic Artworks by Crain Art Studio

A ceramic artwork with shapes stacked on top of each otherLarge Totem, ceramic

Crain Art Studio is a trio of three generations of the Crain family producing artworks in ceramic and paint media. Cathy, along with her daughter Carie, and granddaughter Sharae, work to produce ceramic artworks with intricate and colourful patterns, as well as textural paintings that borrow aesthetics from sculpture and other media. 

A ceramic sculpture of a mahi-mahiMahi Mahi, ceramic


I really like the unique style that is represented throughout the Crain’s portfolio, and it’s especially interesting to see how the unique styles of these three different artists feed into one another to create works that are distinct, yet cohesive as a body of work. I really like the Crain’s animal paintings -- in the Horses gallery, works vary from almost-real depictions of living horses, to study paintings of statues or what could be small, ornately painted wood sculptures. 

The front page of the Crain art studio websitewww.crainartstudio.com


Animals are a frequent motif in the Crain’s sculpture gallery as well, though I find the artists’ works with more abstract patterns on vessels and wall-hanging panels to be equally interesting. Sometimes patterns are sculpted directly into the ceramic medium, and other times painted delicately onto a fired surface.

A mixed media painting of a bird riding on a leopard's backTravelers from the Red Room, acrylic and metal leaf on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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