A Portfolio of Photography and Collage by Bill Armstrong

A layered photocollage with a hazy image of a person's face#904

Bill Armstrong is a New York-based photographer who experiments with photography and collage techniques, building composite images that blur the line between photography, painting, and collage. The artist has been working on his Infinity series since the mid 1990’s, producing a wide body of work that continues to push the envelope of traditional photography. 

A photocollage of a circle with hazy colours#4008


Armstrong’s Infinity photographs are a fascinating expression of what photography can look like -- seeing these works, one might assume at first that they are paintings, or highly blended pencil crayon or pastel works. The composition of the photographs is often quite minimal, with a simple, monochromatic background and a single central figure. 


The artist’s works are heavily blurred, producing a discomforting feeling in the viewer that if one is to squint, or see these images through a special lens, or perhaps stand at just the right angle, they might resolve with crisp clarity. Simple layers of volume and colour give a sense of dimensionality that furthers the sense of these images being just out of reach.

A photocollage of a shaded figure amid geometric planes of colour#1746

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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