The Portfolio of Artist and Cartoonist Chris Gill

A single-panel comic drawn with digital mediaultimate truth

Chris Gill is a watercolour artist and cartoonist currently based in Nova Scotia. The artist creates single-panel cartoons as a way of distilling his experiences with, and knowledge of, current events into a relatable yet still often visceral format. 

A single-panel comic referencing philosophywhopee


As we saw in our previous feature of Chris’ single-panel political cartoons, the artist often combines a philosophical approach with imagery ranging from stylized to heavily abstracted. Chris’ style is one that incorporates elements of both traditional and digital art, emphasizing the similarities rather than the differences. Figures are gestural, often rendered as sparse frameworks that suggest their meaning more than concretely delivering it. This visual ambiguity sometimes fosters a sense of ambiguity about the meaning of these pieces as well -- on issues where the artist himself is perhaps ambivalent or undecided, the method pays off nicely. 

A screen capture of Chris Gill's art portfolio


Outside of his cartoons, Chris also produces more traditionally-styled watercolour paintings, capturing landscapes, architecture, and other slices of life in a loose, relaxed style.

A watercolour painting of a creek with low waterMaggie Maggie Low Water, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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