The Portfolio of Mosaic Artist Linda Biggers

A mosaic artwork of three female figures dancing in moonlightBy the Light of the Moon, eggshell mosaic

Linda Biggers is a mosaic artist who uses coloured eggshells to build beautifully textured images. The artist is currently based in Upstate New York, and regularly participates in exhibitions in the surrounding region. 

An eggshell mosaic depicting a murder of crows in a treeMurder, eggshell mosaic


I’m impressed by the level of detail in these works, especially when considered in contrast to the amount of detail one might expect from a more traditional glass mosaic. The eggshells allow for smaller fragments and a finer-tuned eye for detail, letting the artist use tints and shades of the same colour to build up a sense of volume and shadow, as well as creating more exacting lines and forms. 

A screen capture of Linda Biggers' art portfolio


The subject matter of Linda’s work is varied, ranging from stylized human figures to realistic nature and landscape artworks. In addition to producing detailed eggshell mosaics, the artist explores the abstract possibilities of her medium in glass and slate.

A mosaic artwork depicting a butterfly flying through mistThrough the Mist, mixed media mosaic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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