Digital and Print Media Artworks by Katia Iosca

An artwork constructed from black and white stripes in varying lengths and widthsOverview 1.0

Katia Iosca is an artist based in France who uses a combination of digital and print media to build complex, geometric works of op-art. The artist has produced series in striking black and white, as well as layered colour. 

An art print with a colourful geometric patternBorealis


I really enjoy the way that Iosca achieves a perfect, digital edge to her works. One can easily draw parallels between these works and those of op artists Bridget Riley or Carlos Cruz-Diez. The artist’s colour works, in particular, evoke a dizzying sense of mathematics, while borrowing the aesthetics from old-school spirograph drawings made in pencil crayon or coloured ink. 


The artist’s black and white works have a heavier, more monolithic feeling to them. Rather than patterns on a sheet of paper, looking at these one gets a sense of depth and volume, as though each work depicts a solid object, seen close-up or at odd angles so as to confound a complete understanding.

A black and white artwork with a geometric compositionBlack Destructured Building

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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