Sweet Siren: The Tattoo Portfolio of Erin Burge

A tattoo of a steam train

Erin Burge is a tattoo artist based in Kelowna, BC. Working out of Sweet Siren tattoo studio, the artist produces works primarily in a black and grey, realistic style. Erin has been tattooing for over a decade, working first as a guest in Australia before opening her own studio. 

A floral tattoo with an Om symbol

It’s really interesting to take an up-close work at Erin’s tattoos to see the kinds of techniques that the artist uses. In full figurative sleeves, featuring not only faces but architectural and sculptural details, the artist does a great job of creating depth and volume using a combination of smooth gradient shading and bright white highlights. 

A screen capture of the front page of Erin Burge's art websitewww.erinburge.ca

It’s always impressive to see photorealistic tattoo portraiture that truly captures the detail and expressions of the subjects. Erin’s portfolio encompasses both celebrity portraiture and clients’ family and friends, and the artist achieves each portrait with an eye for detail and a careful, steady hand.

A tattoo of a tree and pinecones in black and white ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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