Emphasizing the Process: The Art of Timothy Innamorato

A painting of a bridge in morning lightmorning light, oil on canvas

Timothy Innamorato is a Brooklyn-based painter who works in a thoughtful, sometimes surreal style, emphasizing the process and emotion of painting more than a specific visual outcome. The artist’s works are realistic, with an eye for softened blending and just enough detail to make a scene feel tangible. 

A painting of a face with an abstract pattern layered over topUntitled


I really like the way that Timothy’s painting style carries through his portfolio, in various subjects and series. The artist has a knack for maintaining a consistently recognizable personal style, something that can be difficult when painting figuratively or realistically. I like the way that the artist blend the hard lines of construction and architecture with his slightly soft painting style, creating a sense of dynamic movement. 

A screen capture of Timothy Innamorato's art portfolio websitewww.innamoratoart.com


Timothy’s surreal series really showcases the artist’s appreciation for the medium of painting itself. These works transcend any focus on specific subject matter and instead have a distinctly exuberant, experimental feeling to them.

A portrait of a young person from an upward angleGianna, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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