Poetic and Documentary: Photography by Ted Diamond

A photo of an outdoor basketball hoopBallin', The Creamery, Apulia, NY

Ted Diamond is a photographer whose images present views of people and places that are at once poetic and documentary. The artist’s images are sneakily well-composed, often taking on the appearance of quick snapshots while maintaining underlying conceptual depth. 

A photo of train tracks in a snowstorm in illinoisTrains Bloomington Illinois 2015 White-Out


I like the way that Ted organizes his different photographic series on his portfolio website. Galleries like Hoops showcase photos of, as you might guess, basketball hoops throughout various small towns and midwestern American locales. At a glance, this appears to be a simple study of a simple object, but upon viewing the series as a whole, it becomes perhaps less about the eponymous subject and more about the surrounding context presented by each image. 

A screen capture of Ted Diamond's art portfolio websitewww.teddiamond.com


What do these hoops, in their various states of disrepair and slight strangeness, say about their owners? About the people playing with them? About the towns and neighbourhoods in which they stand?

A photo of a disused basketball hoopBallin' N of Chenoa Route 66

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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