Inside the Art Studio of Andy Blank

A photo of the studio of Andy Blank


Artist Andy Blank is the founder of a retail art company under the same name -- the artist’s goal in the creation of the company was to create a scalable business based around a product widely thought to be unscalable. Responding to the inflated prices of fine art, caused by high demand and very low supply, the artist’s practice of mass-production and studio delegation is as much a work of institutional critique as the works he produces are artworks in their own right.


The studio here looks industrious, more like a factory than an art studio. I would imagine that the artist known as Andy Blank employs plenty of studio assistants, and in that way the space may well function more like a factory or industrial plant than an art studio.Though it’s not the bright, airy, naturally-lit art studio that one might associate with painters like Claude Monet or Alex Katz, there is certainly inspiration to be found here.  


With the artist’s goal to make artworks mass-produced and cheaply available, it’s only reasonable to assume that this is a highly prolific space of production. It seems that there is no wasted space, no clutter -- the shelving units visible throughout the space look very organized, and the works-in-progress on the tables are all neatly aligned. I imagine that such an arrangement would make it easy for the artist and his team to add to a great number of paintings at the same time. 


Blank’s wife is a successful independent artist, and Blank has stated that some of his inspiration for his current way of working came from being exposed to the “behind the scenes” machinations of the art world and various major art fairs.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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