Objects, Architecture, and Spaces: Photography by JP Campbell

A photograph of a delipidated sign at a cemeteryPriez 2, Sainte-Cecile-de-Masham, Quebec, 2018

JP Campbell is a photographer based in Wakefield, Quebec, who takes film photographs of objects, architecture, and spaces that are frequently overlooked or forgotten. The artist’s portfolio conveys a strong interest in colour and an eye for dynamic composition. 

A photo of a car parked next to a buildingChar, Rue Eddy, Gatineau, Quebec, 2018


Like fellow photographer Hunter Madsen, JP uses his photographic lens to excavate beauty and visual interest from places and things that may not seem to possess it. Part of the way that JP does this is through a focus on colour. Though a car parked next to a wood-paneled building may not seem like much at first, the way JP zeroes in on the colour contrast between the warm hues of the wood and the deep green of the car’s paint job, and the contrast between textures, showcases an unexpected kind of visual appeal. 

A screen capture of JP Campbell's art portfolio websitewww.jpcampbell.ca


It’s this unexpected edge that demands a closer look, and allows the viewer to see through the artist’s eyes. Browsing through JP’s photographic portfolio could inspire one to look for unexpected beauty in their own community or home.

A photo of trees and diffuse sunlight in the mistMisty 1, Meech Creek Valley, Chelsea, Quebec 2018

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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