Mythical or Monstrous: The Art Portfolio of Johnathan Onyschuk

A photo of a wall-hanging sculpture as part of a gallery installationUntitled (from Deep State Prosthetics)

Johnathan Onyschuk is an installation and multimedia artist who works in a unique style that draws on both traditional media and modern, digital approaches to art-making. The artist’s installations often incorporate suggestions of figures, perhaps human, perhaps more mythical or monstrous

An installation view showing two statue-like figuresBone Meal (installation view)


It’s interesting to see how Johnathan approaches both the construction of his figures and the spaces in which they exist. In pieces like Bone Meal, abstracted suggestions of figures are spaced evenly throughout the gallery, lending to a feeling of tension or perhaps rivalry between these easily-personified sculptures. This visual language seems in contrast to installations by the likes of Christina A. West, for example, whose figures seem perhaps to be interacting or sharing a space more evenly. 

The front page of Jonathan Onyschuk's art portfolio


Another recent work, No Man’s Land VR Chat, takes a step into the realm of recent virtual reality games, taking the form of a chaotic, real-time animation in a setting that is at once familiar and seemingly detached from reality.


No Man's Land Vr Chat

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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