Curated Art Collection: Odd Tales

Painting of hair in shoes with mirror on top"Love Disarmed" René Magritte


Each week we present a curated collection of artwork. This week the theme is Odd Tales.  As in enigmatic narratives that lingers long after their telling. Featuring art by: René Magritte, Valero Doval,  Liza Montgomery, Luis Pons, Ben Alper, Leanne Schnepp, and Albert Merkael. Since I was a little girl I have loved to be told stories, and the stranger they were, the more they seemed to stick in my mind, always present and to be pondered over time. Here are a few exemplary images extracted from the portfolios of a group of very different artists for the curated collection called Odd Tales.

collage print with woman, sheep and man"Goblin" Valero Doval

painting of two women with covered faces

"Doppelganger" Liza Montgomery


Woman dancing on the street

"Ballerina Brittany Cavaco" Luis Pons

Black and White Photo man on grass with color waves

"Background Noise Series" by Ben Alper

Sculpture of human figure as bird nest with branches and birds"Where the Spirit Dwells and Takes Flight" Leanne Schnepp

Black and white clouds and tree topPhotograph by Albert Merkael

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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