Expressive Poses: A Painting Portfolio by Hazel Harris

A painting of a woman surrounded with tomatoesHot House Tomatoes

Hazel Harris is a painter who works through an intuitive, explorative process, often thinking up the titles for her works before embarking on the process of creating them. The artist has an affinity for the human figure, and the majority of her works feature exuberant, rounded female figures in expressive poses and settings. 

An abstract painting incorporating elements of brick textureCountry Mouse Comes to the Big City


I like the sense of joy that’s present and palpable throughout Hazel’s portfolio. The artist’s portfolio includes abstraction as well as figurative work in the form of portraiture and landscape, and in all these paintings Hazel’s use of bright colours and large, stylized forms lends to an overall atmosphere that is warm and inviting. 

A screen capture of Hazel Harris' art portfolio


Hazel’s abstract works are often geometrically inclined, and in these works the artist’s knowledge of or intuition for colour theory really shines. Hazel is adept at choosing foreground and background colours, and arranging figures so that the viewer’s eye is drawn across the canvas, readily drinking in each minute detail and object.

A painting of a woman looking at shoesShuz, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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