HeART Haven Studios: The Art Portfolio of Linnie Aikens

A painting of seaside cliffs made in acrylicSunburnt Seacliffs, acrylic

Linnie Aikens creates works in a variety of media for her HeART Haven Studios. The artist creates works for her personal portfolio in oil, acrylic, watercolour, and even ceramics and photography. Outside of her own personal practice, Linnie also teaches art to school-age children. 

A painting of chairs arranged in a dense gardenAfternoon Repose, oil on canvas


I really like the way that Linnie varies her stylistic choices to the advantage of whatever medium she’s using. In her acrylic paintings, the artist takes advantage of the quick-drying nature of acrylic paint to build up layered images that showcase evidence of the artist’s hand, with brush marks that have an impressionist edge to them. 

A screen capture of Linnie Aikens' art portfolio websitewww.linnieaikens-artsandletters.com

Throughout Linnie’s portfolio, there’s a sense of carefree appreciation for the art-making process, and an interest in experimentation with different media over similar subject matter. It’s interesting to look at Linnie’s photographic works and imagine how these pieces -- mostly photos of plants focusing on close-up views and different textures -- might inform works elsewhere in her portfolio.

A photo of succulent plantsLotusland

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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