Forging Connections: The Sculpture Portfolio of D'Andrea Bowie

A glazed earthenware vessel with blue and green coloursUntitled, glazed earthenware

D’Andrea Bowie is a sculptor based in Toronto and Port Hope, Ontario. In her practice, D’Andrea explores the possibilities of tactile materials, forging connections between her own hands and the sculptural objects that carry over into the viewer’s relationship to the work. 

A sculpture consisting of a sculpted ring with an organic aestheticCommissioned work


This appreciation for texture and physicality really shines through in all of the artist’s sculptures. As a viewer -- even seeing the works in photographs -- there’s a strong urge to get up close and examine the imperfections and moments of colour and volume in each work. I particularly like D’Andrea’s glazed earthenware sculptures -- some of these works take the form of abstracted vessels, while others are purely sculptural. The glaze that D’Andrea uses lends each work a kind of bluish green hue that makes me think of sea creatures or coral. 

A screen capture of D'Andrea Bowie's art


The gestural edge and asymmetrical appearance of many of these sculptures furthers the comparison to the biological and geological. Even those forms that are totally alien seem to suggest some form of life or organic growth.

A cast bronze sculpture on a translucent orange plinthUntitled, cast bronze

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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