The Stained Glass Portfolio of Evi Cundiff

A stained glass artwork with abstract planes of greenBurlington

Evi Cundiff is a glass artist who specializes in stained glass pet portraits. Evi creates these pet portraits on a commission basis, as well as producing her own works of glass art featuring motifs of nature, and abstract forms. 

A stained glass artwork depicting a cat in rainbow huesCalico at Milton Vet


I enjoy the balance between colour and texture in Evi’s stained glass works, and the way the artist experiments with different combinations of glass throughout her portfolio. The artist’s works tend to be a bit more subdued in colour than, say, the stained glass pieces of Jewelweed Studio, but Evi’s use of colour is in line with a sense of realism for her pet portraits. Dogs and cats are built up using shards of glass that emulate the rich, earthy tones of animal coats. 

A screen capture of the front page of Evi Cundiff's art portfolio


In her Divine gallery, Evi showcases more experiments with texture -- in this gallery I see examples of transparent glass as well as textured planes and tiny bubbles of glass that diffuse and refract light in new and interesting ways.

A stained glass artwork depicting a laptop or makeup paletteMany things to many people

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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